Getting around in Skopelos

CAR & BIKE HIRE The best way to see the island is certainly to have your own vehicle - whether this is a car or a motor bike. In this way you will be able to get off the beaten track and explore the beautiful interior of the island, where a well developed net of both paved and dirt roads cover most of the area. The nature and landscape of Skopelos is truly breathtaking and with every turn a new fantastic view will reveal itself. Driving on the island is fairly simple and although a 4x4 might be preferable for the more rugged dirt tracks one can get very far with a normal car. Another good reason for having your own means of transport is that many of the most natural and untouched beaches are located on the Northern side of the island and so are not reachable by bus. And even for the locations on the main bus route - who wants to be depending on timetables and a sometimes  crowded  bus while on holiday ? We, at Dolphin of Skopelos, co-operate with Moto Center which is a small local car rental office. We have found that they offer the best value for money combined with excellent service. Book now with Moto Center LOCAL BUS Skopelos has a main road leading from Skopelos Town to the villages of Glossa and Loutraki at the other end. This road is approximately 35km in total and winds its way along the South side of the island, passing the villages and many of the best beaches. The local bus services this route and will make stops at each beach and village along the way. You will find the main bus stop as well as the timetable close to the port of Skopelos. TAXIS Taxi station is next to the main port of Skopelos and you will also find taxi stands in Elios and Glossa. The taxis have fixed prices so you can always ask about the price before the trip. MOTOR BOAT HIRE Another great way to see the island is from the outside..... Rent a small motor boat which is available without licence - and choose your own little cove for your picnic or lazy day at the beach. Many of the small beaches are only accessible from the sea and the coastline is stunning. Talk to your representative for bookings.